How to Plan Your Success for 2023

Imagine What You Would Like To Accomplish in 2023 Then Use This Session to Map The Steps To Make That Real

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023
3PM EST / 8PM Irish Time


Planning Workbooks are everywhere... and it seems like it could take a week just to figure out how to use them!  And then, when you've finally done it.. you realise that you still have to do all the work you talked about doing in the first place. 

I'm with you! Let's Keep This Simple!

So I Did! And I Want To Share It With You! 

Join me as I walk you through how I plan, simply and strategically in this 90 minute jam packed session. 

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And because of that we'll always have a workbook so you can be thinking about what you want to achieve before we meet.

We'll use my Proven One Page Method that will  capture the thinking and the doing all in one place.

This will help you focus on what matters most and test your ideas in the break out rooms so that you walk away with a plan that you can believe in.

This is About Cultivating Planning Mastery

It's about understanding what you want to achieve then figuring out what will move the needle in your business and prioritising that. We talk about taking milestones and transforming them into levers for your growth. I'll show you how to build them into your plan, quarter by quarter so you don't go off track.

I'll also show you how to choose the right milestones so you will KNOW you can make it happen. This is not dreaming for dreaming's sake. This is about making them real!

In this safe  yet challenging space, I'll help you build the Planning Mastery necessary for real success!

See you there!

Finola's session on Planning, was one of the best investments of the year. In an hour and a half I left with a manageable, repeatable plan suitable for my business goals. The session was not about fancy concepts or a thousand complicated steps, but down-to-earth tips and examples based on the experience/situation of the audience.  

Paula Zucherelli

Thanks for the workshop yesterday evening and the workbook.  I found it a great help. It brought into sharp relief the chaotic state of my business post Covid.

I always seem to be scrambling to keep things going and not taking the time to focus on what is important over what seems urgent.

Liam McAndrew

I'm Finola Howard 

I've been where you are and I know how it feels.

I'm here to help you connect the dots across your entire business and show you that your planning can actually deliver what you intend it to. 


My success has been built on going deeper to uncover the beautiful truth of the businesses I work with.   

I’ve been a Brand & Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to businesses that want to scale since 1992.

This planning session takes you through the exact same process I go through with my clients each quarter and it has helped them stay on track every quarter. 

It's one page, takes focus and honesty and you will get results if you stick to it. 

I hope you'll join me!

Attending the Planning Workshop has been illuminating! It has shone a light on what I have already done this year and moreover, what my key priorities are to maintain and promote growth. It has reminded me to stay focused, and if I attend to each step at a time, the bigger steps feel so much more attainable.

Thanks Finola, as always.

Dr Julie Meehan

On the same workshop last year, I set a money goal, at that time it seemed a little high. I smashed it!!!

Its an incredible workshop in so many ways. People need to do this. Because they are so missing out!!!

And its FREE! Finola is in a league of her own. Just do it!!!

Adrienne Lee


You'll Learn How to Align Your Thinking and Doing in a way that's Meaningful & Measurable. All On One Page. You'll Learn:

How To Align Your Plan With Your Vision

You'll Bring your Long Term Vision Front & Centre so that every step you take brings you closer. 

How To Focus on What Matters Most in Each Quarter

You'll Learn How To Identify the Milestones That Act As Levers That Push You to the Next Level.


How to Establish Measurable Goals

You'll measure at each step so you can see your progress and adjust where necessary. The Numbers Matter.

The biggest win for me was feeling more aligned. I had already set my goals for 2023 with bullet points underneath for how I would achieve them and I had broken the work down by quarter.

BUT thinking about the bullets as levers is very powerful to me - terminology matters!

Adding in the layer of financial info - how many units I need to sell and number of clients each quarter to make those numbers made it all very real.

I also love the word of the year - mine is POSITIVE IMPACT, which is driving me along every day.

Having everything on one page is also very clever because it's now sitting on one page in my head, which it wasn't before.

Claire Connell

I attended Finola's online webinar 'Planning your success for 2023'. I was nervous to attend this, even online through zoom as I get anxious in new social settings with people I do not know. Instantly Finola's warm personality made me feel at ease.

The knowledge nuggets Finola shared throughout the webinar helped me brainstorm and develop a plan for my year ahead. Hearing from others during the workshop made me think about things from different perspectives and made that little lightbulb above my head flash.

I would recommend the webinar to anyone wanting a fresh look on not only how to set your goals but the steps you need in place to achieve them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Thanks Finola!

Megan O'Kane

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