The Entrepreneurial Journey Is Long So It's Good To Check In Once In A While.


You'll Start By Working Through "Get Strategic..." The Course

It's our signature program and by working through it you will...

Find Your Unique Spot in the Marketplace

Learn the Secrets of a Successful and Impactful Brand

Build a Results Focused Marketing Process

Create a Living, Connected, Actionable Plan

I'll show you how each stage fits and how everything works together to create impact. 

And that happens right from the very beginning.

Let Me Tell You A Little More About That:

  1. Find Your Unique Spot in the Marketplace
    That point where there’s a clear gap in the market that’s both profitable and resonates best with what you and your business want to achieve. We’ll look at how customer profiling, product matching and competitor analysis connect to position you for success.
  2. Learn the Secrets of a Successful and Impactful Brand
    The cornerstone of every successful business. It has the ability to leapfrog you to the next level. Learn how to uncover, design and write for your brand and ensure that it fits who you are and what you do.
  3. Build a Results Focused Marketing Process
    Adhoc marketing campaigns work for a moment at a time. The trick to scaling any business is to build a flow that keeps the marketing wheel turning consistently over time. We’ll look at Traditional Media, Social Media, Ads, Analytics and how to build your Funnel so that it connects everything together into a business development process that works for you and your customers.
  4. Create a Living, Connected, Actionable Plan
    If you listen, you might be able to hear that “click”. It’s the sound your brain makes when everything is working in sync. You’ll see how it all fits and works together to create the business you wanted all along. That means you’ll be ready for each opportunity as you create them and as they arise.

Then, There Will Be Times When Feedback Would Really Help.

There are certain key points along the journey when it's useful to have someone review the assumptions you've made before decisions are taken.

It's at times like this that it's good to ask for help from someone who knows what to do next. 

It could be a piece of marketing that you just want someone else to look at or a cornerstone worksheet that you just want to check your assumptions on.

This is what we call On Track Feedback.

How Does It Work?

It looks like this! You ask for feedback and we look at it from a business and marketing perspective and we'll record that feedback, often showing you how we'd solve it, as we do it. 

We'll record a screencast giving you tips and insights on how to maximise for greater impact. You'll see what we do as we do it and get a real understanding of the thinking process.  

Check out the live example below.

Sample On Track Feedback Session

Thank you to Deirdre O'Connor of The Sleep Clinic for allowing us to share the On Track Feedback Recorded Session we did for her.


Praise for On Track Feedback

Deirdre O'Connor
The Sleep Clinic

Wow, am only half way through the video and am already getting so many great ways and ideas on what I need for my page. I'm really really excited to get such clear and insightful material. Thank you so, so much Finola - you're a star ❇

It was great to get it in the video version as I found it easier to follow the suggestions when I could see them happening before my eyes. Therefore it made sense to me in a way that text often doesn't.

It's really great to get an 'eagle eye' from an expert in the marketing field and does definitely save a lot of angst and time in the long run.

So appreciative of you taking the time ............ and now I'll go off and do the stuff on my end with more of a sense of what I'm doing. Happy Days!!!

Think Of It As Having A Guide With You On The Journey

Build the Feedback In - $75 per month!

It's an important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. Being able to ask for help. You will grow and so will your business.

So as you proceed through the course build in feedback every month on your strategy and on your actions.

It'll keep you on track for building the business you always dreamed of having.



If this sounds like the right place for you, we're happy for you to try it out for FREE for 14 Days.

You'll get access to the first 2 Modules of the course for free for 14 Days. This will give you a real sense of what the course is all about! 

Go On. Give it a Go!

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