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The Complete A-Z Guide to Successfully Position Your Business & Own That Coveted Space in Your Customers Mind

We Start September 29th, 2022 at 8pm IST / 3pm EST


Guided by Get Strategic is right for you if you want the map...

for how to position yourself so you can own that coveted space in your customers mind. A customer that you get to choose and who chooses you right back!

You are right for Guided by Get Strategic if you want your marketing to feel like you AND deliver results.

This is purpose driven marketing for purpose led entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make their difference in the world.

If you are...

  • A service provider who’s reached a very real ceiling and wants to take your business to the next level

  •  A niche marketer who wants to truly understand the big picture, get more strategic and move higher up the value chain. 

  • A marketing team lead of an entrepreneurial business and want to tap into how your employers think and what you need to do to take that business to the next stage of it's growth. 

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

I know, you already know that the clearer your marketing is to the people you want to serve, the greater your impact in the world AND the more profitable your business can become.

I know, you know this, because you've gotten this far in your business already!

What you’ve realised now is that in order to progress, you have to be top of mind with MORE of your ideal customers - the ones you haven’t met yet! 

You need to expand beyond who you already know and be seen for what you do best. That’s the space you want to own! 

And you KNOW, when you own that space, your customers will seek YOU out. They’ll be drawn to what you say, how you say it and to the answers you have to their pain points.

When that happens, that's the point where you'll take all those insights and convert them into a marketing process that allows you to scale what you do.

And that means you will have finally cracked the system that will help you build the business you've always dreamed of.

Finola Howard

Finola's process is utterly comprehensive from a strategic perspective but most of all it is profoundly revelatory and validating. Finola becomes your companion and champion through it all. She sees you, she believes in you and she listens deeply to ensure that your voice pervades your marketing and brand development implementation. 

Dr Julie Meehan, Clinical Psychologist, Parent Guide and Imperfect Parent

Even if you're lucky enough to have regular business coming in the door, when you actively position your business to own your space in the market you can:


You, and your business become recognisable as the ones to work with to address this challenge or problem. That means your customers will seek you out and want to buy what you've created because they trust you. 

This can also lead to speaking gigs where more of your customers will be sitting in the audience ready to hear what you have to say, and again, buy from you. That can translate into book deals, valuable partnerships, and all sorts of exciting and unexpected opportunities that add new revenue streams to your business. 


As you increasingly "own your space", more people will be able to find you so demand for what you have to offer increases. This allows you to command higher fees for your precious time... and get it. It also expands how you think about your time, discovering new ways to serve that help you reach more people using less time. You start to innovate to meet the demand.


You don't have to worry about running out of clients or figuring out when the next one will land. You'll have a series of offerings that plug the cash flow gaps that used to haunt you. You'll combine different models to play to your strengths nurturing each customer along a path that serves them best and becomes predictable for you. You finally get to break the cycle of feast or famine in your cash flow and instead invest in how you can grow again. 


When you started this you wanted the freedom to make your own rules; to live the life you wanted to live. Entrepreneur burn out is real and because you've factored that into your strategy you have put systems in place that are aligned not just with reaching more people but also with enabling you to have the freedom to stay in your zone of genius. You see the possibility of your own success so you plan for it and then make it happen.  


It might seem indulgent to speak about it now but this is about making your business & life dreams real and you can't make them real unless you make them tangible. 

When I started, my business was very much in flux. I'd been trading for a few years, but knew that I needed more clarity and focus on where I was going, how I wanted to operate and ultimately what my "big picture" looked like. I got all that, and so much more.  The journey through the program was very "onion-like" for me, as I peeled back the layers of my business, but also myself!

But the results were transformative - each stage put a building block in place for the next. That in combination with Finola's sage advice, expert guidance and gentle encouragement to dig a little deeper & push a little further, as well as the support, insight and knowledge of my fellow participants helped me bring my business to a place I couldn't have reached alone.

Sarah Hanstock - Strategy, Simplicity, Systems & Support

Clarity and Focus? Yes, Please!


Up until now, all your marketing has probably been both instinctive and /or tactical. You've won some business awards which felt really good. You're doing your best to be as consistent as you can on social media. You're learning about reels, SEO or list building  etc.

To be honest, it's very time consuming and often a bit overwhelming. It just seems like there's always more to do; more social media, more blogging, updating the website, lead magnets, networking, meetings etc.

It seems like with all this effort, the business you should be making more profitable.  

You're right. It should be and it can be.

Here's why most entrepreneurs get frustrated with their marketing.

Without a clear positioning strategy in place, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to identify what actually needs to be done to own a space, clearly and undeniably. 

So much of marketing today, focuses on singular pieces of the puzzle. A product, a post, a channel, a campaign, a tactic etc. Rarely are all these pieces connected to each other and rarely to the overall business strategy. It is in effect a fragmented approach.

When your Marketing Is Fragmented the Result is a Whisper in the Marketplace.

Not a Statement Made with Confidence and Certainty. 

You're already busy taking care of existing clients, delivering on services, handling all those emails that plague your inbox and maybe even courting a new customer or two. You literally can't afford to veer off course.

And the moment you get lost and your marketing becomes like a never ending hamster wheel, it's almost impossible to step out and remind yourself what the point was.

So, getting your market positioning right is THE most important thing to get right in your business

Don't panic. So few businesses get their positioning right. That's why they talk so much about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. A roller coaster ride that you don't have to take.

That is... if you follow the map to find your space AND then Own It! 

I'm Ready To Own My Space


Shhh... I'm going to let you in on the


Every business that achieves success invests in their marketing - but it's only when they connect it to every aspect of their business that the numbers truly increase.

The ones you think of as innovators or disruptors are just the ones who dig deep enough to find their uniqueness that matters. 

The truth is that so many businesses get dazzled by the tactics that they never get a chance to truly figure out what works. It all just seems like a lot of stuff to get your head around without the return you truly wish for. 

But as long as you can avoid the traps that most businesses get stuck in, the path is paved for you and the business you've always dreamed of having. 

One that allows you to achieve more freedom, create more income and make an impact while scaling your business to true profitability. 

The key ingredient to all of this is to get strategic and get results. 

And with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to show you how to do. 

Finola is enthusiastic energy, coupled with creative insight to guide her clients to articulate their why. Finola enabled me remove my own barriers, taught me new skills, introduced me to new tools and practices but mostly pushed me to think bigger. 

Elaine Russell, Leadership & Team Mentoring, Business Advisor & Mentor

The Complete A-Z Guide to Successfully Position Your Business & Own That Coveted Space in Your Customers Mind

I’ve been a Brand & Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to businesses that want to scale since 1992. This programme brings together that experience and takes you through the exact same process I go through with my clients. 

This approach has delivered multiple 7 Figure revenue results for so many of my clients and I've channelled that into a comprehensive, step by step strategic AND implementation program that not only teaches you how to think differently about your marketing but how you can  implement it aswell. 


Yes, you'll learn best practice for how to approach every step on the journey, but more importantly you'll learn how to unlock your own voice in the process so that your marketing is fully aligned with where you want to take your business and that it always feels like you. Because you'll finally discover what feels like you instead of looking for the answers elsewhere. 

The end result: a business that is fully aligned with who you are and what your customers need. Marketing that feels like you AND delivers results. 


Not just your marketing but your business too. Your business and your marketing need to make sense together. And we'll do it in a way that  ensures that everything you do is fully aligned. That means you come to the marketplace with a message that is fully intact and helps you own that space in your customers mind. 


You'll come to the market with certainty and you'll never second guess yourself again. You'll know who you are, who your target customer is and you'll know exactly how to reach them.


That means every action you take from here on in is with the big picture in mind. You won't just know what to do but why you're doing it. And you'll measure it every step of the way so you never go of course again! 


The Complete Get Strategic Training Program (Value €1,295)

  • A Guided Journey Into Alignment between your Purpose, Your Business And Your Marketing
  • 12 Training Modules that teach you how to think about your marketing for yourself.
  • Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Swipe Files, Templates

Weekly Personalised Guidance (Value €1,950)

  • Personalised Audit of Your Marketing
  • 12 Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions to Practice Core Pieces of each Module
  • Weekly Personalised Guidance - 1 Question about your business per week.

12 Modules That Transform Your Marketing & Your Business

Sometimes there's just so much to do before a launch, it's hard to get your head around it all.

  • Launch Plan so you know how everything needs to flow. See it at a glance here.
  • Checklist breaking down everything you need to do, to effectively launch your next offering to the market. 
  • Swipe Files for how to do each item on your list. 
  • Canva templates so you don't have to go looking for sizes and layout.  

This is not a casual think tank, but a highly focused, tightly knit group of entrepreneurs who are committed to making their business dreams real.

Leverage the power of this group to:

  • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience and insight of fellow entrepreneurs on this journey too.
  • Quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) challenge in a matter of minutes so that you never get stuck longer than you have to.  
  • Get an extra set of eyes on every piece of marketing you create.
  • Form valuable friendships (and partnerships) that can lead to collaborations, speaking gigs and much more.  

It's often only when you start doing something that the questions come and that's what this space is for.

  • I'll be there live every week ready to field questions, give clarity and troubleshoot sticking points.
  • It's also a place where we'll tap into the mindset needed at each point in the journey.
  • I'll share where people get stuck and what they get stuck on at each juncture.
  • This is where we truly reflect on knowing the journey before you take it.  

Human Guarantee

  • I promise to believe in your dream as much as you do.
  • When you get stuck on your journey, I will do everything I can to find a way to help you push through. 
  • Every question you ask or help you seek will be answered without judgement and with respect. 
  • My primary goal is to help you make your dream real. 
  • If you do the work, and you're still not satisfied, show me your work within 30 days of enrolling and I'll gladly give you a refund. 

When you add it all up, that's a total value of €5,130!

(ridiculously small compared to the value of building the business you always dreamed of)

  • The Complete Get Strategic Training Program (Value €1,295).
    • 12 Training Modules
    • Videos, Audios, PDF Guides, Swipe Files and Templates
  • Weekly Personalised Guidance (Value €1,950)
  • Bonus #1- 30 Day Launch Plan (Value - €595)
  • Bonus #2 Private Members Only Facebook Group for 16 Weeks of Idea Testing, Community & Accountability (Value - €295)
  • Bonus #3 – Weekly FB Live Sessions for Q&A, trouble shooting & Clarity (Value - €995)

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today!


€200 p.m.

  • The Complete Get Strategic Training Program
  • Weekly Personalised Guidance
  • 30 Day Launch Plan
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Weekly FB Live Sessions for Q&A



  • The Complete Get Strategic Training Program
  • Weekly Personalised Guidance
  • 30 Day Launch Plan
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Weekly FB Live Sessions for Q&A