In this 12 Week Online Course you will align your thinking and your doing in a way that finally makes sense. You will know where you are going and how to get there.

You will be able to dream again about the possibilities for your business because you will know how to make them real.


Get Strategic Get Results! is about integrating the thinking behind your business with the best actions you can take that will make a difference. 

No more "Cart Before the Horse" thinking just measurable actions that help you make the possibilities of your business become realities.

It's my Signature Program, developed over 25+ years and I want to share it with you.

Let Me Tell You About It...

I'm a believer in understanding the big picture of something and then figuring out the next step that takes you closer to the vision you dreamed of for your business.

It's how I work on a day to day basis with all my clients. And, it works!

So, I've brought this type of strategic thinking and coupled it with the everyday techniques that I use as an active marketing practitioner into this learning environment. 

In this way you will learn how to connect the dots for yourself and grow the business you've always dreamed of. It will be YOUR formula for growth because you will inform it with your own voice and your own uniqueness.

And if your voice or your uniqueness is not quite clear yet, don't worry, you will uncover this too as part of this journey. We will start with WHY. And once that strong foundation is in place we will move directly to HOW. Because this is How Great Marketing Works!

These Are The Pieces That Will Finally Connect

There are twelve learning modules in all. You will move through this process by following the lessons, one module at a time. They each include videos, editable worksheets and swipe files so you get to apply what you learn at each stage. And ask questions. They'll always be answered.

Be part of the active community of entrepreneurs and marketers who are also getting strategic and want to do more meaningful marketing. It's a powerful space to be in. Come join us.

When They Connect For You, You Will:

Find Your Sweet Spot

That point where there’s a clear gap in the market that’s both profitable and resonates best with what you and your business want to achieve.

Uncover Your Brand

It has the ability to leapfrog you to the next level. You will learn how to uncover, design and write your story so that it fits who you are, what you do and how you are making a difference in the world.

Unlock Your Process

Adhoc marketing campaigns work for a moment at a time. The trick to scaling any business is to build a flow that keeps the marketing wheel turning consistently over time growing revenue and your business.

Build An Actionable Plan

Planning is how we tie it all together. At the end of this process, you will be able to hear that “click”. It’s the sound your brain will make when everything works in sync to create the business you wanted all along.

What I love about this process is that every step delivers a change. You don't have to wait until the end. When your thinking changes, so will your doing and as a result so will your business.

Are You Ready To Build The Business You Always Dreamed Of Having?


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Get Strategic... Get Results! is all about Integrating Vision, Strategy, and Action into a Process that Works for your Business. Sign Up for the Free Trial and Check it Out!


If you are someone who likes to work through a methodical process to get you to where you want to go then this was built with you in mind.

Start from Just $15 Per Month!

Nope, that's not a typo... It's all down to my belief that every business should have a real chance at success. So I figured out a way to make this accessible to anyone.

Start with Get Strategic, Join a Mastermind or Add an Expert from our hand picked Panel as and when you need it.

Choose what works for you.



I’m a 28-year seasoned Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to businesses that want to scale. I’ve been working with clients in Ireland, Europe, the UK, USA, Canada and Australia (and even further afield) since 1992.

I’ve built brands that transform businesses and change how they view their business at a very fundamental basis. Tech? I’ve done it. Coaching? I’ve done it. Food? Engineering? Recruitment? Gift? Tourism? I’ve done it. And more...

My success has been built on going deeper to uncover the beautiful truth of the businesses I work with. It's been built on connecting the dots across the entire business and then unleashing that in marketing processes that deliver real impact.

This approach has helped my clients grow at a rate faster than they originally envisioned for themselves. The obstacles to growth are removed because I ask the tough questions so that we can find the right answers together.

My dream has always been to make these kinds of insights accessible to any business. It's why I built How Great Marketing Works. I just wanted to make it that bit easier for you to succeed.

With Get Strategic, you will be able to tap into this proven process that has delivered 7 Figure Sales results for so many of my clients, in exchange for the price of a few cups of coffee each month. 

This is a 12 Module Self Study Course that you can take at your own pace. One module per week or as ongoing companion to your own growth. You dictate the pace. As fast or as slow as you wish. 

Know this, you are not alone on this journey. There is an active Facebook Group that is open only to members of HowGMW programs. I'll be present every day (except weekends) to support you, share the latest trends with you and get to know you and your business.

I know from the experience of working with so many businesses all over the world, that when you do this work, transformation happens. It can for you too! Just stay focused and take it one step at at time. 

I believe in Thinking AND Acting Strategically to get Optimal Results for your business.

I know too that unlocking YOUR voice as part of this process is not only clever but necessary. Your story reveals the truth and authenticity of your business. It is the foundation and core part of your most effective marketing strategy. 

I show people how to unlock this every every day and I’d love to help you do it too.


Liam, Digital Transformation

"Very structured with excellent templates to work through the entire process. It goes beyond the normal marketing elements and tools. Highly Recommended."

Robin, Leader to Change Makers

"THE best program, bar none, for building your business message – at $15 a month, it is truly a gift.  Take it from me, this is MY business mentor."

Michael, Equine Nutrition

"This very methodical approach really helped us understand our customer on a different level than before. We now have a proper marketing structure for the future."


If you want to follow a proven process that you can take one step at a time and be fully supported on this journey, then this is the place for you.

Not sure yet? Then take our FREE 14 Day Trial where you'll get access to the first 2 Modules as our gift to you and your business. Check it out. The best time to start is now. 

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