We Call It "Seeing The Big Picture".


This Is The Complete "Get Strategic... Growth System"

You Get It All. The Map, The On Track Feedback, The Experts, The Thinking Partner.

The Get Strategic... Course Is Your Map

"On Track" Is Your Feedback Mechanism

"Add An Expert" is The Right Advice at the Right Time

"Big Picture" Keeps You Focused On The End Game

Most of All, It's Your Personalised Program for Growth

We will be with you every step of the way to support you achieving your vision for your business.

Having a Thinking Partner Makes the Difference.

When you are in the trenches doing the doing, it's often easy to lose sight of the end game.

Your thinking Partner is the consistent voice that reminds you of where you want to go and they can see the track to get there.

They act as Mentor, Adviser and Sounding Board all rolled into one. They've scaled businesses before and you get the benefit of their expertise consistently throughout your journey.

This is How It Works. 

You start with an intensive double session with your thinking partner identifying  your vision and establishing a clear definition of what success means to you. Together you define the milestones you need to hit at each point, then you work together building out each step to get to where you want to. 

The Underlying Map Will Be "Get Strategic..." The Course

It's our signature program and helps you make the most of every other support. With it, you will:

Find Your Unique Spot in the Marketplace

Learn the Secrets of a Successful and Impactful Brand

Build a Results Focused Marketing Process

Create a Living, Connected, Actionable Plan

We'll show you how each stage fits and how everything works together to create impact. 

And that happens right from the very beginning.

Each Month You Will:

  1. Agree Key Actionable Objectives that can be Accomplished Each Month
  2. Work with a Hand Picked Expert to Address your Key Objective for that Month.
  3. Get Feedback at Each Stage to Ensure You are On the Right Track.
  4. Big Picture Check In with Your Thinking Partner To Maintain Strategic Direction on Your Personalised Program for Growth. 

We will track your progress at each stage and show you your wins. Those wins are the milestones we will have established right from the very beginning. 

That is the beauty of the Ultimate Package. We are all working towards the same goal. Your Goal.


See The Big Picture - $395 per month!

This is your Personalised Program for Growth. We build it together with the insights of everyone who has gone before.

We build it with your vision in mind. We bring together everyone you need to support you in your success.

Imagine the difference that could make to your business.


You Have a Team Of People Helping You Now.

Finola Howard Will Be Your Thinking Partner

Her objective is to help you see the big picture and find the best way to get you to where you want to go. 

It's a very collaborative process that is strategic first and then moves directly to action to ensure success. She's done it before with great impact. She wants to help you get there too.

Meet Your Panel of Experts

And there's more. It's growing all the time. We picked them for their proven expertise, for their ability to make a difference and the impact they've had on everyone they've worked with.

Get To Know Them.  They're Here to Help You If You Want Them To!


Praise for "See The Big Picture"

"At our first meeting, Finola's experience and quality became clear as she initially listened, and then outlined a clear path to completion encompassing all required aspects such as Re-Branding, Positioning, Web-site, Roll Out etc. Working through this process was very enlightening from a marketing perspective and Finola's interpretation of what I thought should be delivered far exceeded my expectations."

Sean Maher, CET


If this sounds like the right place for you, we're happy for you to try it out for FREE for 14 Days.

You'll get access to the first 2 Modules of the course for free for 14 Days. This will give you a real sense of what the course is all about! 

Go On. Give it a Go!

So, Are You Ready to Build the Business You Dreamed of?

Because we're ready to help you make that happen... 


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