It's time to build the business you've always dreamed of. 

To live life on your own terms. Make the difference you want to make and have the financial freedom to make it happen. 

What if I told you, you could? What if I told you, I'd built a map that could do just that? A map that clarified your business strategy and showed you how to build a marketing engine that works for you. 

Get Strategic Get Results™ is that map.


Get Strategic Get Results™ is about how to connect everything in your business to your purpose. 

So that finally, your marketing can feel like you and speak to your customers

I understand your distaste for conventional marketing. 

There's just been so much manipulation and science of persuasion that it's hard to trust what's out there

On the other hand, you know you need to market yourself in order to make your business a success.

You just want it to sound like you and you want it to work

Get Strategic is about learning how to do great marketing because great marketing works!

This is a strategic marketing program like no other. It is methodical, pragmatic and delivers incremental results so consistently that it will feel like your business transformed overnight.

The lessons encourage you to question who you are, why you are here and how you are doing things so that you can position yourself strategically for success. It's about making sure your customer can find you and truly know you. Aligning what you do with what they need. This is about making a profit and scaling your business so you can accomplish what you set out to do. 

It requires your focus and a commitment to your own success. Are you ready for that?

I will show you the nuts and bolts of great marketing; all the practical aspects of digital marketing and campaign development so that you can not only build a marketing strategy but implement it too. We will dig deep to understand the needs of your customer and how you can reach them in a way that translates into sales again and again.

It's about building marketing systems that still have that personal touch and the ability to build meaningful connections with more of your chosen customers.

It's about fulfilling your purpose.

Are you ready for that?

I'm Ready! How Can I Start?

Are you ready to step into your own truth, build a marketing process that works and achieve your business dream? Are you ready to make this happen?

If you are ready, then I am here; ready to offer you guidance on your path to success.  I will be your cheerleader and your challenger because both are needed on this journey.

My intent is simple; to help you reach your true potential. That is all and that is enough. 

This is the map you've been looking for all along but didn't know where to find it.

Get Strategic - Across All Devices

Take It With You Wherever You Go

Think of it as your companion on this journey. Listen, watch or read each lesson. Apply the techniques as you go so that you can see change occurring frequently and often as you progress.  Just take it one step at a time. You will build your marketing strategy, process and plan layer upon layer in a way that fits you and your business best.  

This Is How It Works:

There are twelve learning modules in all and include videos, editable worksheets and swipe files so you get to apply what you learn at each stage. They are designed to help you connect every part of your business firstly to your purpose and secondly to your marketing process.

Click on the + Signs beside each module below to find out more.

You will align your

thinking and your doing

in a way that

finally makes sense.

You will:


You will have identified that thing, unique to you, that makes you different to everyone else. Only you can do what you do, in this way.

You will see how your purpose, properly positioned will help you stand out above everyone else in the marketplace.

It will be that niche that you can own profitably and sustainably.

This will be your space & your customers will find you here.


This is where strategy meets action. It's where we focus on the "How to's" of your marketing process.

How to be in each channel, what your key messages are and how to repurpose content in a way that helps you scale your reach and potential for sales.

You will build a marketing engine that aligns your brand with your target market and drives growth consistently. 

This is how you will grow your business!


We set the intent from the very beginning to build the business you always dreamed of. That requires planning. It will be strategic and actionable. You will know the milestones you need to hit at each point in the short and in the long term.

You'll know the business model that works for you and how the cash will flow.

This is great marketing and great marketing connects all the dots.

Now you KNOW how great marketing works!

Isn't This The Kind Of Marketing That You Need For Your Business?

Yes. Let's Get Started!

Mindset Will Be Important Too

At each point, I'll share with you what to expect in terms of the mental & emotional barriers that often get erected at each stage. They are normal and predictable and you'll be prepared for them. YOU ARE READY FOR THIS


I will be your mentor on this journey.

I've been where you are AND I've worked with high performers all over the world delivering 7 Figure Revenue Results for so many of my clients using this process. I will help you take the right next step that prepares you for what's possible and show you HOW aswell as WHY.

You will be part of a larger community of purposeful business owners and marketers. 

Who each have powerful wisdom to offer you.

Fellow travellers who will become friends.  Friends who are ready to grow right alongside you.

Friends to share your struggles and make the burdens lighter.  Friends to cheer on your successes (big and small) when others don’t get it

You will be able to take part in monthly live Q&A sessions and there's a monthly member spotlight where you can volunteer for some live mentoring inside this safe space.

We've an accountability buddy program too so that you don't have to take this journey alone.

This is a community that's designed to be personal because your success is personal. 

We want you to succeed and we'll do everything in our power to help you do just that. 

This is more than an online course, this is a companion for the growth of your business.

This is How to Build A Marketing Strategy, Plan & Process That Delivers Results!


A Little About Me

  • Listed As One of Ireland's Top Women in Digital Marketing

  • My Blog was one of the Top Ten Marketing Blogs in Ireland by Search Engine Journal. 

  • Social Media following of over 78,000 followers across multiple social media channels.
  • I discovered Sea Swimming last year and now I'm hooked!
  • I am continually delighted to discover that beautiful possibilities quickly become the norm simply because you decide them to be.


I’m a 28-year seasoned Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to businesses that want to scale. I’ve been working with clients in Ireland, Europe, the UK, USA, Canada and Australia (and even further afield) since 1992.

I’ve built brands that transform businesses and change how they view their business at a very fundamental basis. Tech? I’ve done it. Coaching? I’ve done it. Food? Engineering? Recruitment? Gift? Tourism? I’ve done it. And more...

My success has been built on going deeper to uncover the beautiful truth of the businesses I work with. It's been built on connecting the dots across the entire business and then unleashing that in marketing processes that deliver real impact.

This approach has helped my clients grow at a rate faster than they originally envisioned for themselves. The obstacles to growth are removed because I ask the tough questions so that we can find the right answers together.

My dream has always been to make these kinds of insights accessible to any business. It's why I built How Great Marketing Works. I just wanted to make it that bit easier for you to succeed.

With Get Strategic, you will be able to tap into this proven process that has delivered 7 Figure Sales results for so many of my clients, in exchange for the price of a few cups of coffee each month. 

This is a 12 Module Self Study Course that you can take at your own pace. One module per week or as ongoing companion to your own growth. You dictate the pace. As fast or as slow as you wish. 

Know this, you are not alone on this journey. There is an active community that is open only to members of Get Strategic. I'll be present every day (except weekends) to support you, share the latest trends with you and get to know you and your business.

I know from the experience of working with so many businesses all over the world, that when you do this work, transformation happens. It can for you too! Just stay focused and take it one step at at time. 

I believe in Thinking AND Acting Strategically to get Optimal Results for your business.

I know too that unlocking YOUR voice as part of this process is not only clever but necessary. Your story reveals the truth and authenticity of your business. It is the foundation and core part of your most effective marketing strategy. 

I show people how to unlock this every every day and I’d love to help you do it too.

Isn't it time to build your business in a way that every step you take, feeds your own growth? In a way that is consistent with who you are?



Michael, Equine Nutrition

"This very methodical approach really helped us understand our customer on a different level than before. We now have a proper marketing structure for the future."

Sarah, Biz Systems & Automation

If you're ready to get serious, fed up trying to do it all alone and feel like you're drowning in a sea of business advice then don't wait, take the plunge and join the programme. You won't regret it.

Liam, Digital Transformation

"Very structured with excellent templates to work through the entire process. It goes beyond the normal marketing elements and tools. Highly Recommended."

Get Strategic Get Results


We believe that if your business and your marketing is aligned with your purpose you will make a difference in the world.

We don't want anything to stand in your way, least of  your ability to learn how great marketing works. 

This is why we give you the option to rent or buy our Get Strategic program. We want you to succeed and we know you can with this highly focused program. 

We believe in you. Go for it!

I Want To Rent It
I Want To Buy It

Greatness is never achieved comfortably and yet it lies within all of us.   I believe in your greatness.